This is normally done on a tender process where costs are calculated based on a plan and specifications of finishes

Benefits of this process:

  • Costs are fixed with the variables being the client’s choice of finishes or changes requested.
  • Competitive pricing according to market demands.
  • Flexibility is limited by costs and time allocated for the project.

Client and RDA Building negotiate a fixed fee to manage the project and then fixed costs are calculated for the construction of the project.

Benefits of this process:

  • All costs are transparent and gives the client a clear understanding of values and costs entailed in completing the project to the-standards required by the client.
  • Ensures a high quality construction using a reputable builder at a reasonable price without the concerns of costs or quality being unduly cut to match market demands.
  • Construction is carried out timeously and at a fixed price with no unforeseen costs.
  • Flexibility to change scope of work if required.

For the client who wants to be more involved in the details of the project and has the cashflow to carry out the construction, RDA Building is available on either a monthly or a fixed fee to manage the construction of a project on behalf of the client.

Benefits of this process:

  • Flexible process in that the client is able to make changes and incur only the costs directly related.
  • Client has the option to negotiate closer with subcontractors and suppliers if needed.
  • Cost effective method with limited risks related to construction.

RDA Building together with its Project Management Division is briefed on the client’s needs and commissioned to manage an entire project from appointing the architect and relevant professionals through to construction and completion of the project, ready for occupation.

Benefits of this process:

  • Client’s level of involvement is flexible or even minimal if they choose.
  • Ensures an efficient team works co-operatively towards fulfilling the client’s needs.
  • Time and cost efficient as all parties are co-ordinated to meet the program and budget.
  • Most effective method to ensure a project falls within budget as costs are managed from the critical design stage to completion.
  • One entity is responsible to manage all back up service and guarantees on the project.


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